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Mexico is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the World. If you are planning a trip to Mexico, you have to try their meals. In terms of food or culinary, Mexico is one of the countries you cannot ignore. They have one of the vibrant, delicious and flavorful cuisines in the World. Eggs, Beans, Flour, Avocados, Milk and more are some of the ingredients you will find in most Mexican homes as they are mostly used in their cooking. It is the home of some famous foods like tacos, tamales, burrito and more. Their food is very good to the extent that you have to try it at least once in your life. Mexican dishes are easy to prepare as it does not take a lot of time and below are some 20 Mexican breakfasts foods that you can prepare on your own to get you prepared for the day.

Last Updated on 19 September 2022

1. Atole
Three ceramic pots containing atole

Atole which is also known as atol de elote or atolli is a popular Mexican breakfast beverage. The main ingredient for this beverage is corn flour and water. According to wikipedia, atole is "a porridge to a very thin, liquid consistency". Tamales is what it is often eaten with but you can eat it with flat bread if that is what you prefer. Spices, Sugar and Milk are added to it to give it a good taste. Vanilla and Cinnamon are sometimes added to it. Atole is often served warm this is because it is preferably eaten in the winter. Chocolate atole or champurrado is also another type of atole which is made from Mexican chocolate. There are different types of atole based on the ingredients. Some types of atole are blue corn atole which is made from blue corn massa, piloncillo, and cinnamon, Atole de nuez, Atole De Pinole, Atole de Elote, Atole de Fresas which is also known as strawberry atole, Atole de Mazapan, Atole de Arroz which is made from rice, Atole de Guayaba and many more.

2. Mollete
Mollete served in a plate

Mollete is one of the foods popularly eaten for breakfast in Mexico. It is made with bolillo (a type of Mexican bread usually baked in a stone oven). Holes are made in the long slices of bolillo to ensure that the bolillo is filled with warm beans and jalapeno peppers (a medium sized chile pepper). The beans are mostly topped with cheese and the bread is grilled in an oven until the cheese melts. This Mexican dish can be served with salsa (a variety of sauces used in Mexican dish) and there is also a sweet version of mollete which is made up of sugar or honey.

3. Mexican scrambled eggs
Mexican scrambled eggs on a table

Mexican scrambled eggs or Huevos a la Mexicana is a very popular breakfast dish in Mexico. The main ingredients needed to cook this breakfast dish includes eggs, onions, jalapeno peppers, milk and more. It does not take a long time to prepare this food with the time ranging from 10 - 15 minutes and it is best served when hot. This dish is some of the few Mexican breakfasts dishes that can be eaten for dinner too.

4. Mexican Oatmeal
Mexican Oatmeal containing banana and nuts in a bowl

Mexican Oatmeal or Avena is a very popular breakfast dish in Mexico. The main ingredients used in preparing this food are oats and cinnamon. Milk is added to it with the sugar being optional. Some people prefer their Avena being served in a bowl whilst other people prefer it in a cup. Bananas, Strawberries, Almonds are some of the things that can be added to it and it is best served warm. You may ask yourself what is the difference between avena and the original oatmeal? Well the difference is that with the traditional avena, you add more liquid in order to make it watery unlike the traditional oatmeal which is more thick. Just take note that avena or Mexican oatmeal is more like a drink whilst the traditional oatmeal is more like a porridge. Even with the difference explained above, some houses in Mexico still consider thick oatmeal as avena.

5. Huevos Ahogados
Huevos Ahogados been cooked in a pan on the stove

Huevos Ahogados which is also known as "drowned eggs in salsa" in English is a healthy and delicious Mexican dish which is mostly eaten for breakfast. This dish is similar to Shakshuka (a Middle Eastern egg dish) with a lot of people believing it inspired this Mexican dish. The ingredients used in preparing this dish are vegetable oil, eggs, onion, garlic, tomatoes, jalapeno chile and more. This is a very simple dish to cook and it is one of the best Mexican foods you can enjoy in the morning. The food can be eaten for brunch and dinner too.

6. Sopapillas
Sopapillas on a table

Sopapillas or cachanga or Mexican deep-fried pastry is a dish mostly eaten for breakfast. It is a pastry which is deep fried and preferably served hot. The main ingredients used to make this dish are flour, Baking Powder, salt, sugar, honey and more. This dish taste like the American donuts and look very similar to French beignets. One good thing about this food is that it is very soft and amazingly sweet. It is very good to the extent that you want to eat more after eating one. Another good thing about this dish is that it is very easy to prepare.

Migas served in a black plate

Migas are mostly eaten for breakfast in Mexico. The name Migas means "crumbs" in Spanish and it is traditionally made from stale bread with different ingredients. It consists of tortilla (a flat bread made from maize or wheat flour) wrapped with black beans, peppers, scrambled eggs and cheese. It is one of the Mexican dish which is colorful and has a unique flavor. Your mouth gets watery just by staring at this dish. It is unique and you can take it to the other level by topping them with salsa.

Chilaquiles served in a white plate

Chilaquiles is a Mexican breakfast dish. It can be eaten for brunch too. It is made up of tortilla chips filled with salsa or red enchilada sauce. The tortilla is made soft as it is soaked in the sauce. The tortilla is preferably topped with crumbled cheese, fried eggs, radish and cilantro and it is lightly fried. It can be served with refried beans and it is a very delicious Mexican dish.

9.Pan Dulce
Pan Dulce served in a white plate

Pan dulce which is also known as "sweet bread" in English is a traditional Mexican breakfast dish which is very delicious. It is a bread which is very fluffy and it is filled with large amounts of butter. It is very delicious and the taste will blow you away especially when it is served hot. It is often eaten with a glass of milk, hot chocolate or coffee. Flour, vanilla, eggs, milk, and butter are the main ingredients.

Five Burritos on a wooden board

Burrito is a flavorful Mexican dish which is mostly eaten for breakfast. This dish can also be eaten for lunch and dinner too. It is made up of flour tortilla wrapped in a cylindrical shape which consists of different ingredients. The tortilla is often grilled or steamed to make it more soft. Some of the ingredients used in making this dish includes Bacon, sausage, potatoes, ham, eggs, rice, beans, chicken, pork, beef and more. This dish can also be refrigerated and heated up in the morning. The dish is one of the dishes that are popular outside the Mexican territory as it is famous in America and other parts of the World. Another good thing is that this delicious food is easy to prepare and you can do it on your own.

11.Tetelas Oaxaca
A lot of Tetelas Oaxaca on a flat surface

This is a savory Mexican breakfast food. It should take you about 25 - 30 minutes to make this delicious food. Tetelas are Mexican bread which is shaped like a triangle. The inside of Tetelas is a refried black beans, and on the outside is a salsa and crumbled cheese. You can add more toppings or fillings depending on your preference.

12. Gordita de Harina
Gordita de Harina served in a plate

Gordita de Harina is a sweet Mexican cookie. You can choose your own flavors when making this breakfast food which means you can switch the flavors as time goes on. This Mexican dish goes very well with all kinds of beverage.

13.Café de Olla
Two ceramic pots containing café de Olla

Café de Olla which translates to "coffee in a pot" is a Mexican breakfast dish which is served in an enamel or clay pot. It is mostly spiced with cinnamon, cloves and star anise (a spice made from the Illicium verum tree). You can also use piloncillo (Mexican raw form of sugarcane) to sweeten it.

a Casserole pan containing hash browns

A casserole is basically a large pan or bowl used to cook different dishes in an oven. Originally from Europe, but the upside-down Mexican casserole is something that you would love to try. The superb recipe for this food is the hash browns (finely chopped sweet potatoes that have been fried until browned) made with taco seasoning. If you are not into potatoes, you can skip it and still your casserole will taste great.

Two large white bowls containing strata

Strata is a dish similar to casserole. It consists of delicious bread baked throughout. Chorizo, cream cheese, plain bagels, two grated cheeses, eggs, and a rancheros sauce makes this food taste delicious. One good thing about this food is that it is on the heavier side so it will be great to enjoy with family and friends.

16. Churro Waffles
a white tray containing churro waffles

A churro is a type of dough which consists of sweet cinnamon and sugar fried in a steaming hot oil. With churro waffles, you can go for the vanilla ice cream topping for a good taste. This is one of the sweet breakfast dish you can find in Mexico.

17. Mexican Green Smoothie
a plain glass containing green smoothie

This green smoothie is very healthy and delicious. The ingredients used in preparing this food includes some of Mexico’s finest cilantro, avocado and jalapeño. You can blend these three ingredients with fruits like orange, pineapple, lime, banana and vegetables like cucumber, Kale (a dark, leafy green you can eat raw or cooked), carrot etc. You can top it up with chia seeds (an edible seed popular in central and southern Mexico) and these flavors will make a good smoothie and will take you to paradise.

18.Chicken Taquitos
a pack of Chicken Taquitos

Chicken taquito is a delicious dish. Avocado, eggs, sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, melted cheese are wrapped in a tortilla which makes this dish taste good. This dish is also freezer-friendly.

19. Horchata Smoothie
a cup of Horchata Smoothie

Making horchata is easy when you have the preferred ingredients with the right recipe. This smoothie is amazing or should I say comforting because you will only ask for more when you take a sip. Frozen banana and spices are some of the ingredients blended to make this beverage. One good thing about this smoothie is that you are in control of all the things you want to add. Add fruits and vegetables that works best for you to make this beverage.

20. Quesadilla
Quesadilla served with other foods on a table

This food is very easy to make but it is super delicious too. To begin crack an egg inside a hole created by avocado slices. Top them with cheese and bacon then sprinkle with salt and pepper. Fold and cook it until it becomes crispy. You can experiment with different vegetables, cheeses and proteins.


These 20 Mexican Breakfasts dishes are very easy to prepare and you can do it at home. Trust me the above dishes are very delicious and we do not want you to travel to Mexico first before you try any of them. We hope this article motivates you to prepare your first Mexican dish or at least the beverages mentioned above.

20 Mexican Breakfasts foods you can prepare on your own.

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